Imagine this: Every community saving and sharing its own seeds. Local farmers markets brimming with a sumptuous variety of unique and delicious crops. Healthy, diverse regional food systems free of toxic pesticides and chemicals.


We're partnering with Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance to launch the Million NEW Seed Savers Campaign.

Does this sound like an impossible dream? In reality, it’s the way our ancestors lived, farmed, and sustained themselves for millennia. They understood the value of local heritage and kept this legacy alive by passing on their seeds over the generations. 

Today, people everywhere are relearning the timeless traditions of seed saving and creating resilient food systems rooted in local seeds. A seed saving revolution is underway and gaining momentum around the world.

We are watching this inspiring movement grow each day. What is needed now is to step up our collective efforts and rejoin the ancient ritual of seed saving on a broad scale. We’re dreaming big and setting a visionary goal of creating one million new seed savers across the United States.

Collective Eye Films and Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance invite you to join us in this important and inspiring campaign by committing to grow and save at least one seed variety.You don’t have to be an experienced gardener to participate. Learning to save seeds is simpler than you might think! We’ll provide you with helpful resources to get started. All you need is a patch of soil (or garden pot), along with some passion and imagination.

Saving seeds is a universal human experience. All the world’s cultures have explored this intimate relationship between people and plants, giving rise to an incredible abundance of foods, medicines, songs, and stories. By severing this connection in our modern lives, we have tragically cut ourselves off from the source of our sustenance—both physically and spiritually. You can help restore this powerful experience and preserve our legacy of seed saving for future generations. Please join us in this work and help spread the word!


Grow GMO-Free, Open Pollinated Seeds

Here's a few lists of seed companies you can support so you grow seeds that will support a future of seed diversity.

A state by state map of your local heirloom, non-GMO seed providers.

Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance's Find Good Seeds Page.

Save and Swap Seeds

Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance's Guide to Basic Seed Saving for less than $5.00 

Help Start a Seed Library

Seed Libraries are one of the fastest growing social movements in the U.S. Over 500 seed libraries have now started. They are free, and once you check out your seeds, you take on the fun and exciting role of a seed savers. Just save seeds from your plants, bring your seeds bank the next year and you've "returned" your seeds. Join the Seed Library Social Network

Support Seed Banks

Many seed banks are critically underfunded, and they need your support to responsibly grow out and maintain the thousands of seed varieties that we depend on for our future.

Help Ban Toxic Pesticides

Visit our partner, Pesticide Action Network, North America.

Eat Local, Organic Foods

Saving seed diversity starts with buying food and produce that is organically grown, fairly traded, and is as local as possible. Support small farmers, buy those purple tomatoes and heirloom tomatoes, and keep diversity alive!


JOIN THE MOVEMENT WITH OUR committed partners across the globe


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Center for Food Safety, USA

Pesticide Action Network, USA

Organic Consumer's Association, USA

Seed Matters, USA

USC, Canada

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