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We’re excited to announce the next season of our educational outreach with SEED: The Untold Story – the Seed the Change campaign! Our focus with this grant-funded campaign is bringing SEED to youth, college students, and Native American communities for free or reduced cost screenings.

We are working with our partners at Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance to create extensive discussion guides around the themes in SEED that enable anyone to foster dialog, delve deeper into the topics in the film, and inspire action. The guides will be publicly available on our website soon, we can't wait to share them with you!

Over the next nine months you can help:

  • Inspire people to save and plant seeds, protect the environment, and support local and organic farms; 
  • Spur dialog and action around seed diversity and ownership, indigenous rights, and pesticide use;
  • Support college campus groups, youth food/gardening/environmental organizations, and indigenous communities in their food, seed, environmental, or indigenous rights efforts

Are you a professor or part of a student group, youth organization, or Native American community who may be interested in hosting a free or reduced cost Seed the Change screening? Apply here! 


Grow GMO-Free, Open Pollinated Seeds

Use this map to find your local heirloom, non-GMO seed providers, or visit Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance's Find Good Seeds Page.

Save and Swap Seeds

There are tons of free and low-cost Seed Saving Guides available for beginners and experienced gardeners alike! Some of our favorite guides are from Fedco Seeds, Seed Savers Exchange,, Organic Seed Alliance, and Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance.

join a seed library or Help Start one

Seed Libraries are a growing social movement in the U.S. There are over 500 seed libraries around the country. Seed Libraries are free, and once you check out your seeds, you take on the fun and exciting role of a seed saver! Just save seeds from your plants, and bring your seeds back the next year to "return" them to the library. Find a Seed Library near you in the U.S. and abroad. Join the Seed Library Social Network.

Support Seed Banks

Many seed banks are critically underfunded, and they need your support to responsibly grow out and maintain the thousands of seed varieties that we depend on for our future.

Help Ban Toxic Pesticides

Visit our partners Pesticide Action Network and Beyond Pesticides to learn more & get involved. 

Eat Local, Organic Foods

Saving seed diversity starts with buying food and produce that is organically grown, fairly traded, and as local as possible. Visit your local farmers market to support small farmers. Buy those purple carrots and heirloom tomatoes, and keep diversity alive!

JOIN THE MOVEMENT WITH OUR committed partners across the globe

Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance, USA

Seed, USA

Center for Food Safety, USA

Scatterseed Project, USA

Pesticide Action Network, USA

Organic Consumer's Association, USA

Seed Matters, USA

Beyond Pesticides, USA

USC, Canada

Gaia Foundation, United Kingdom