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Are you a teacher or part of a student group, youth organization, or Native American community interested in hosting a free or reduced cost screening of SEED: The Untold Story? You've come to the right place! Please fill out this form (estimates are okay) and we'll get back to you soon with next steps. 

The Seed the Change campaign is focused on bringing the film to youth, college students, and Native American communities to: 

  • Support your current food, seed, environmental, or indigenous rights efforts in your community or on campus! 
  • Inspire people to save and plant seeds, protect the environment, and support local and organic farms.
  • Spur dialog and action around seed diversity and ownership, indigenous rights, and pesticide use.

If you are interested in a traditional screening or educational license not affiliated with the Seed the Change campaign, please click here

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We created a 'What to Know About GMOs' document and a Discussion Guide, composed of 4 segments around the themes in SEED, that enable anyone to foster dialog with participants, delve deeper into the topics in the film, and inspire action. The guide is free and publicly available at If you are interested in using the guide, which sections would you prefer? *
The discussion guide is now available at!
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Will you need Spanish, French, or Italian subtitles for your screening?
All copies of the film come with English closed captioning
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